God, why?


As I sat down in my Sunday School class last week, I felt my phone vibrate and I happened to look at the screen to see a text saying, “PLEASE please stop whatever you’re doing and pray.” It was my best friend and she had just learned that her brother-in-law and his girlfriend were hit head on in a very serious accident. There’s never a good place to get bad news, but it was pretty nice to be in the room with a group of people who immediately stopped and lifted up prayers with us. A few moments later, I heard the ambulance race by with Daniel inside. Sadee was still trapped in the car- she had been driving. After a half hour, they were able to get her out and air lifted her to the hospital. The driver who had hit them at nearly 100 mph was killed on impact. WHY was she going so fast around a curve at 9:00 on a Sunday morning?

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Mirror, mirror on the wall


Let me open this post by just owning the fact that I pretty much thought my skin was invincible and have never cared for it beyond a little splash of toner and some cheap moisturizer. Cheap makeup from the Walmart. (go ahead, gasp, I can handle it).You get the picture.

As I’ve gotten older (and WISER) and started paying attention to my body more, I realize that girl in the mirror doesn’t look the same as she did in her 20’s. But before you go thinking I’m vain, let me assure you, that’s not the case. I simply want to care better for what God has given me to exist in. And, as I started paying attention to the crap I was eating and made some significant changes there, I couldn’t help but wonder about all the stuff I was putting ON my body every single day.

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What you don’t know CAN hurt you

Maya Angelou

Every morning, we wake up and jump in the shower – washing our hair and our bodies. We get out, dry off and put on some lotion and sometimes sunscreen. As women, we move on to our faces. And, if you’re anything like me, you probably use at least 10-12 products between your body, face, and hair before you walk out the door. And we probably never think twice about it. But, here’s one instance where what you don’t know really CAN hurt you…and your family.

I make confessions here on my blog from time to time…and today, I’m going to make another one. This time, a very serious one. I’ve always reached for the shampoo and conditioner that I had a coupon for. This makes my mother, who is a hairdresser, absolutely insane.  And yes, I actually have bought makeup (regularly) at Walmart or Walgreens. From time to time, I’ve looked at the labels and thought, “Well, there’s a mouthful of stuff I’ll never be able to pronounce.” But I continued to put them all over my body and used them on my family as well.

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Tales from a 5th grade anatomy lesson

Oy vey!

Driving home from church, wrestling match # 2,364 of the weekend began in the backseat of the minivan. That’s when we decided the boys were obviously bored and in need of some good, old-fashioned manual labor to entertain them. We’ve had some pretty big wind storms ’round these parts recently, leaving a lot of large sticks and branches scattered throughout the yard so we assigned A the front and E the back.

Following a brief “Hey, but didn’t God say we had to REST on Sunday?” protest, they actually got busy.

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We can’t all see

Driving in to work last week, I was privileged to an awesome reminder from the Lord. As I prayed over several situations, I looked up to the sky and saw a huge bundle of clouds. What was unusual about this morning was that, within the clouds were several holes. And through each hole shone beautiful sun rays. Gorgeous, actually…took my breath away.

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Like a Little Child

photo credit: Raphael Goetter via photopin cc

My boys are growing up so quickly. They’re so independent now, except when they’re sick, hurt, or just having a no good, very bad day.

I remember, though, the days when they weren’t so independent. With my younger two being so close together, I wondered if I would even survive the days when they weren’t so independent.  And now, sometimes, just for a moment, I wish I could turn back the hands of time and experience that craziness again.  Oh, to be the center of their universe!

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Trusting God When You Fail

I knew when I committed to participating in this 31 Day Writing Challenge that I would fail, at least once.

And I did.  Sooner than I expected.

Life got busy and each day that I missed I knew was putting me further and further behind.

It’s been several days since I have written anything here, and I’m totally ok with it.

I haven’t had time to log on and share what’s on my mind – I’ve been busy living life, going to soccer and football games and taking in moments and memories with my precious family. I’ve been grocery shopping, cleaning house, working, doing laundry and cooking.

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